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Tub Troubles: Domestic label sourcing cleans up IML inventory-management problems


A U.S. plastic-injection molding company sourced out their labeling to an established European vendor. However, with high inventory costs, uncertain supply lines and currency instability, the company needed to find a more stable, reliable partner.


As the client searched for possible domestic suppliers, a volcanic eruption in Iceland grounded many flights from Europe for several weeks. As a result, their labels would not make it to the U.S. in time, highlighting the many dangerous surprises more likely in a long distant supply chain. This gave Precision Press an opportunity to show their responsiveness by quickly turning labels around to meet the vendor's aggressive deadlines. The labels performed exceptionally well, and Precision Press was ultimately awarded the contract to produce labels for three production plants. Today, the vendor appreciates the great service time, runnability and quality of these labels.