Precision Press expands due to increased market demands for web offset printed packaging labels

Brand owners, co-packers, and molders are beginning to see the benefits of web offset printing through its high print quality, affordability, speed, and customization. Because of this, Precision Press has been experiencing rapid growth which has ultimately led to the investment of another Muller Alprinta 74V press. The nine-unit printing press (eight color UV offset units and one flexo unit) provides high-definition print quality with speed and ease.

The average amount of time that a consumer takes to make a buying decision is around 8 seconds (Hoyer & MacInnis “Consumer Behavior”). A product’s packaging needs to be compelling enough to win over the consumer in those 8 short seconds. The Muller’s offset lithography creates high definition images that jump off the shelves but unlike gravure and flexo, offset does not have the added cost of cylinders or plates. Roll to roll printing also allows for smoother and more consistent laminations than a sheet fed system.

The benefits to Precision Press’s customers are printing speeds up to 1,000 ft./min and plate changes done in less than 10 minutes; The Muller is able to provide Precision Press with the quick turn times that they value so highly. Changes to artwork are done with speed and ease since there are no plate costs when working with Precision Press. The 29” web width allows for many ganging opportunities to get more labels through the press in less time saving on time and scrap rates.

It’s easy to see why many brand owners, co-packers, and molders are beginning to prefer web offset technology. With its high print quality, affordability, speed, ease of lamination, and customization, it is a clear solution. Request a packet of samples that Precision Press has printed on their Muller to see the quality for yourself!

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